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Posted by on Sep 29, 2017 in Law  | 0 comments

How the court system works in the state of Victoria

Supreme Court is the highest court in Victoria. Only the high court of Australia stands above the Supreme Court of Victoria and can review its decision. Supreme Court listens to some of the most complex and high rated cases from all across Victoria. The reputation and honor of Supreme Court is the highest in the state of Victoria. The Supreme Court has two divisions- the Trial Division or the Court of Appeal.

Trial Division  

The Trial Division comprises of three major divisions:  CrimeCommon Law and the Commercial Court:

  • Civil cases with complex legal issues
  • Murder, attempted murder and other criminal matters
  • Appeals from the Magistrates’ Court and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal judicial review. (Lower courts of the state of Victoria)
  • Procedural matters, including applications for bail; probate business and urgent applications for injunctions
  • Corporate matters
  • Judicial review of administrative decisions

Criminal Cases

In the Supreme Court, all the criminal cases in the state of Victoria are presented before a judge and jury. The jury decides the verdict based on the evidence presented in Court and the judge decides the appropriate penalty for those found guilty.

Civil cases

Civil cases are generally those cases where a person or an organization takes action against another who it believes has wronged them.

Some civil cases are heard before a Judge and jury. The jury decides if the accuser has proven its claim and the judge decides how much needs to be awarded to the accuser.

In civil cases heard without a jury, the Judge decides if the accuser has established its claim and gives judgment.

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