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Posted by on Mar 29, 2016 in Event Speakers |

Hiring a Motivational Speaker? Five Tips to Get the Right Person.

Hiring an inspiring speak for events, schools and so forth is a common practice. Yet, you shouldn’t just hire anyone that is a motivational speaker; it’s about hiring the right person for the speech. To make things easier when it comes to helping you get the right motivational speaker, here are five pointers that you should look for.

inspiratational female speakers

Your Audience:
Since you’re hiring a speaker for your audience, you have to understand: who is your audience? What do they want to hear and how will they respond? So when it comes to speakers make sure you get an expert or specialist in their area of interest. It will connect with them and motivate them.

Speaker’s Experience & Reputation:
Does the speaker have a reliable reputation as a motivational speaker? What do people say about the person in question? Make sure you look into the history of your desired speaker and see what their reputation – both in their field of interest and their speaking career. Looking up videos online to see your speaker in the flesh will give you a clearer idea.

Speaker’s Passion:
Are they passionate? Passion is everything when it comes to motivation, so if your speaker doesn’t have it, how will your audience get motivated? It is the key ingredient for a speaker and not having any, won’t work.

The Cost:
Speaker prices range from anything from $200 to $5,000. You have to take into account is the speaker worth the money? You can negotiate with them and sometimes they are willing to compromise. Past performances are great for indicators to see if they are worth the value.

Do you feel motivated listening to them?
Have you watched their online videos? Have you felt the passion in them and get yourself motivated? Experiencing your speaker firsthand is key to assessing if you are they are good for your audience. How they make you feel is key. Check out Inspirational keynote speakers popular in Australia at Speaking Out.