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Posted by on Jun 15, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

Tips for maintaining the Exteriors to keep them Ever Charming

We have all experienced this feeling once if not many times “How is the lawn of this property so well kept?” It is not a day’s task. The owner must have taken every care to make this happen. He knows that the beauty of a house is the landscape that is the first attraction. Can you accomplish this? Yes, you can. Only designing a landscape won’t help. You will need to maintain it too. A little effort combined with some professionals at work can make this work complete. Are you ready to note down some useful tips, here you go.

Useful tips on maintaining the landscape

The Trim: Keeping the lawn beautiful with trimmed grass is one art. Many make the mistake of cutting down the grass extremely short which make the root exposed. This stops the proper growing of the grass again. After all, it is the grass that is the highlight of any lawn.

Water the plants regularly: Without water, no plants grow well. It is the basic component. If the plants are new and haven’t grown even an inch longer, water not that frequently. If they are fully grown, make the watering happen every day.

Call for professional help: You may need to get the landscape checked once in every six months. You need someone who is a professional to do this job. People in Melbourne take it very seriously and landscaping in melbourne is a hobby. They make sure that this is followed religiously.

Aeration of the landscape: Like human beings need fresh air to breathe and stay healthy, plants too need aeration. Too much of plant in the lawn may find difficult to survive. Circulating oxygen through the process of aeration is done by making holes. The poking of these holes need precision and that is achieved by specialised tools or equipment used.

The Right Choice of Plants: Not every plant grows in every climatic condition. Know your climate well and bring home those plants which suit the climate. Otherwise, you know the result. They will perish away of dry making your exterior look ugly.

Maintenance of the furniture: Regular maintenance of the furniture may include polishing, washing as the external factors may affect the natural look. After plants and grass, it is the furniture that you choose for the lawn in making it a beauty.

If you are in Melbourne, there are a number of landscapers in melbourne eastern suburbs by AEP Landscapes who will help you in the technicality related to landscaping perfectly. Not everyone is skilled to make your landscape grow attractive that passers-by stop by. After the job of these landscapers is complete, comes the responsibility of yours in maintaining and following the above tips, you will definitely be doing justice to lawn.

I am sure that the furniture you have is weather-proof and made of anti-rust formula so that rain doesn’t have a huge impact.

So what keeps you waiting still? Let your green thumb show the magic.